This page describes the background on the now completed first phase of the SOSCI project. For information about the currently in-progress second phase please see the SOSCI – Phase 2 page.

The Challenge

The number of Electric Vehicles (EV) on the road in the UK is set to increase to 13.6 million over the next 11 years but there are around 8 million homes in the UK have no access to off-street parking. This means they are unlikely to ever be able to install a charge point at their home and must seek alternative charging solutions.

Charge My Street is a community benefit society setup to try and find solutions to this problem by building a charge network focused on areas with high levels of residential properties with no access to off-street parking. This is done through identifying communal locations that could be utilised by numerous local residents.

As these locations are less likely to deliver great commercial success they will be ignored by the larger networks but the hypothesis is that model could be created where by charge points could be installed, maintained and operated sustainably through community funding, and that a business model could be built around this model.

The SOSCI project was proposed as part of Innovate UK’s Electric vehicle charging for public spaces: real-world demonstrators two phase competition. The first phase was to perform research in to the Charge My Street model to see if scaling it up was feasible.

Who We Worked With

As well as Miralis, the consortium on this phase of the project consisted of the following organisations:

  • Charge My Street – An electric vehicle charge point operator and community benefit society with the goal of giving everyone in the UK access electric vehicle chargers
  • Cybermoor Services – A community technology social enterprise which deploys community owned digital infrastructure in under served areas
  • EO Charging – A UK charge point manufacturer focused on helping their customers become energy independent

Our Work

Miralis’ role in the project was to identify a number of different charge point scenarios and create specifications for them. These varied from standard charge point installations and integrations with renewables, to more diverse solutions with additional revenue generating capabilities such as doubling up hardware and installation with the 5G roll out.

For each of these scenarios we performed data, cost and commercial analysis to show how long return on investment was likely to take.

Additionally, we lead on showing the overall commerciality of the business model and provided the analysis and documentation that showing the overall idea was feasible to scale up.


The output of this phase of the project were:

  • A feasibility report that evidenced both our assertion that the business model was viable and our approach
  • An exploitation plan that detailed how we might take the project forward
  • A further bid for a second phase of the project to actually begin the roll out of the model and install a number of charge points (successful)

Phase 2

Our bid for the second phase of the project was successful and work is currently underway. Read more about SOSCI – Phase 2 here.

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