Miralis Data acquired PALLETMANAGER in late 2018 and is now working on developing the software further.

PALLETMANAGER ensures that our packaging & palletisation formats maximise load efficiency and minimise both product damage and environmental impacts”. Guinness

Palletmanager is an innovative UK developed software product for pallet loading, product and packaging design that will enable you (whether an SME or a multi-national) to reduce your warehousing, transportation and packaging costs.

Developed over 30 years and in use in over 40 countries we are proud to include companies such as DHL, Diageo, Disney, Estee Lauder, Hallmark Cards, Heineken, Iceland Foods, Panasonic and Unilever amongst our current users.


  • Improve your pallet fill and and reduce vehicle movements and warehouse space requirements.
  • Reduce packaging material usage thus cutting costs and help meet environmental & recycling targets.
  • Rationalise case / packaging designs to avoid waste and duplication.
  • Tell you exactly how you can improve pallet / tray / box fill with a single click of the mouse.
  • Quickly examine the impact of product design on your packaging, palletisation and distribution costs.
  • and to report in English, French, German or Spanish using paper, email or internet.

PALLETMANAGER has produced significant warehousing and transport savings, coupled with reliable and well presented information – a user friendly system which is now ingrained into our operating procedures”.  Hallmark Cards

Click here to go to the dedicated PALLETMANAGER website (new version coming soon).

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  • Europcar
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  • Routemonkey
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Unlock huge savings by getting the most from your logistics resources via effective scheduling and management.

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As your business has grown has your logistics network evolved with it? Our health check can unlock significant improvements and efficiency gains.

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Can you trust your business forecasting? We can improve your business models by providing more accurate forecasting enabling you to plan with confidence.

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Introducing an effective routing solution can increase efficiency levels by up to 10%. Our data analysis can lead to rapid deployment.

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Our highly configurable tool box of techniques helps simplify and improve often complex and difficult planning processes.

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"CARGOMANAGER is used to plan loads and check stows of mixed products. It does in 10 minutes what could take a human nearly a day and feeds our work mix and pricing systems". Idem Papers.

Delivered best long-term solution

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"PALLETMANAGER enabled us to save £25,000 in distribution costs on just one of our hundreds of product lines" Mookie Toys

Substantial savings and improved service

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