Miralis Data acquired the CARGOMANAGER software application at the end of 2018 and is in the process of integrating it into our product suite.

CARGOMANAGER is a powerful load planning software to help you pack your container or pack your trailer more efficiently.  CARGOMANAGER helps you reduce your logistics, transportation and packaging costs and answer such questions as:

  • How many containers / trailers are needed for this load?
  • Which container / trailer sizes are most suited to this consignment?
  • How much more product can be loaded into this part filled container / trailer?
  • Will this consignment fit into this container? and what can I fit in the remaining space?

Plan and view the loading of one or one thousand container loads on screen and printer, producing detailed consignment picking lists and 2D/3D load plans showing how the load can be assembled. Software data entry and reporting can be in English, French, German or Danish languages.

CARGOMANAGER is proving most beneficial to our logistics operations ensuring we maximise load fill. An excellent package which is easy to use and gives benefits in time, costs and gives a professional image”. Glen Dimplex Home Appliances.

Click here to view the dedicated CARGOMANAGER website (new version coming soon).

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Unlock huge savings by getting the most from your logistics resources via effective scheduling and management.

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"CARGOMANAGER is used to plan loads and check stows of mixed products. It does in 10 minutes what could take a human nearly a day and feeds our work mix and pricing systems". Idem Papers.

Delivered best long-term solution

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"PALLETMANAGER enabled us to save £25,000 in distribution costs on just one of our hundreds of product lines" Mookie Toys

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