Are you a company with a vehicle fleet or mobile workforce visiting multiple locations in a day? Are your routes optimally planned to drive the most benefit for yourselves and your customers? Are you able to cope with changes such as changes in number of vehicles, road closures or taking on new customers?

Automated route planning and scheduling is an effective and powerful approach that can benefit you and your customers by producing more effective routes for your vehicles and mobile workforce based on your organisation’s requirements. Typical scenarios include:

  • Distance – minimising the combined distance travelled by the fleet, ensuring customer requirement are met
  • Time – minimising the amount of time vehicles are out on the road
  • Fleet – minimising the size of the fleet required to service the customers 
  • Cost – minimising the overall cost of a schedule, altering the individual costs allow users to focus any combinations of the elements above  
  • Green – minimising the emissions made by your mobile workforce
  • Stable – producing schedules and plans that minimise the expected disruption, through congestion, accidents etc. to a minimum
  • Balanced workload – producing plans so that the total work is spread evenly throughout the workforce

We have developed software solutions that enable companies to improve on their chosen objective, or any combination there of, by an average of 17%. This software is configurable to deal with the unique quirks often thrown up in logistics scenarios. Some of the standard constraints include; time windows (for arrivals at depots and customers), weight and cubic capacity on vehicles, UK driving regulations, different starting and ending locations, maximum mileage, maximum time duration, overtime, back haul collection only, maximum number of stops, collection and delivery.    

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Transport is the single largest cause of carbon emissions in Europe and the fastest rising source. If we are to achieve the net-zero target the transport industry has to act rapidly.

In all change there is opportunity. At Miralis we help leverage your data to optimise logistics, reduce transport costs and emissions, and create efficiencies.

We’ve saved our clients up to 30% of their logistics costs and we guarantee every customer a return on investment. To prove it we offer free benchmarking, so contact us and find out what you could achieve.

Logistics Optimisation


Routing & Scheduling

Automating routing and scheduling can save up to 30% of your costs. Our benchmarking tools can show you how.

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Packing optimisation

You could be spending millions paying to transport the air in your boxes and the gaps in your packing. Our optimisation tools have driven savings of up to 20%.

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Network Planning

Logistics networks evolve organically. We help you to plan growth and yield savings in time to customer, cost to serve and produce significant efficiencies.

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Discover how your data can generate up to 30% savings and reduced emissions

Results we have achieved

annual cost savings following a major acquisition
saving based on 100 HGV fleet
annual cost savings by redesigning an existing logistics network

Solutions that have really taken off


Route Planning and Scheduling

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Pallet and Container Packing Optimisation

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Fleet and Network Planning

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