Are you a growing company looking to add new depots to better service your clients? Have you got the right warehousing network to meet the needs of your customers? Does the existing mix of vehicles in your fleet provide the most cost-effective way of delivering for your customers?

Optimising your logistics and supply chain network is a powerful way to realise efficiencies, save money, create space for growth and deliver better service to your customers.

At Miralis we provide a free benchmarking service where we work with your team and your data to get a better understanding of the opportunities to optimise your network. We then give you an outline of the benefits and savings that can be achieved. When a project is agreed, we then produce you a report with the most optimised solution and how to implement it, and we can then provide you with a long-term technical solution to enable you to monitor, adapt and improve as you grow and change.

Example challenges

Depot optimisation

You’ve got a team of 500 field service engineers working from 25 depots nationally. Over the past year you’ve won three major contracts, two focused on clients with a strong presence in the North of England. How do you best service your client base with this new footprint of work?

If your depot locations aren’t right, then the labour and fuel costs to service those clients rises and the time taken to get to jobs increases. On the flip side, where there is declining work, you could be situation where you’re bearing the cost of too many underutilised depots.

Contract lengths and building leases provide certainty to put together an effective plan. Working towards the most effective network frees up staff time to complete paid work in less time; has the potential to reduce fuel, property and labour costs; and provides a more efficient service to customers that helps strengthen relationships.

We can also implement our software that will help you continually optimise your network. For example, if you’re tendering for a large contract, using the potential client’s historical data you could show how you would change your structure to optimally serve that client, and in the process giving you the most effective ‘cost-to-serve’. Happy customers and stronger profits.

Fleet planning

Your business operates a fleet of vehicles to service requirements across a broad geographical area, this requirement could be for either collection/delivery fleet or a mobile fleet of engineers. Potential business changes on the horizon, either positive or negative, require effective readjusting of the fleet.

If you under resource for the change in work, the potential impact on your business will be poor service to your clients, potentially leading to poor KPI responses, on the flip side if your business over resources for the change in work already tight margins in the logistic sector could be squeezed beyond a sustainable level.

When bidding for potential contracts knowing what the effective base line usage of the vehicles will be will allow your business to enter contract negotiations with certainty that you have planned effectively to execute the business. When contracts have come to a natural conclusion knowing how to adjust your mobile fleet to reflect the new levels of work while keeping the operating costs to a minimum will be essential.

This fleet planning solution offers a strategic solution that can effectively be run every time there is a significant change to your business, giving you a road map to work towards. We also have software solutions that can offer on-going operational solutions to the daily routing and scheduling problems faced by your business.

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Transport is the single largest cause of carbon emissions in Europe and the fastest rising source. If we are to achieve the net-zero target the transport industry has to act rapidly.

In all change there is opportunity. At Miralis we help leverage your data to optimise logistics, reduce transport costs and emissions, and create efficiencies.

We’ve saved our clients up to 30% of their logistics costs and we guarantee every customer a return on investment. To prove it we offer free benchmarking, so contact us and find out what you could achieve.

Logistics Optimisation


Routing & Scheduling

Automating routing and scheduling can save up to 30% of your costs. Our benchmarking tools can show you how.

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Packing optimisation

You could be spending millions paying to transport the air in your boxes and the gaps in your packing. Our optimisation tools have driven savings of up to 20%.

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Network Planning

Logistics networks evolve organically. We help you to plan growth and yield savings in time to customer, cost to serve and produce significant efficiencies.

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Discover how your data can generate up to 30% savings and reduced emissions

Results we have achieved

annual cost savings following a major acquisition
saving based on 100 HGV fleet
annual cost savings by redesigning an existing logistics network

Solutions that have really taken off


Route Planning and Scheduling

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Pallet and Container Packing Optimisation

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Fleet and Network Planning

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