Software Development

In some cases, our clients are just looking for the prescription. You bring us your business headache and we’ll identify the cause and how to fix it, then leave you alone to implement the results.

However, we’re also frequently asked to provide the medicine. Often, this is a piece of bespoke software, integrated into your existing systems to optimise aspects of the business on an on-going basis.

Miralis Data can Help. For example, we were asked by a fast-growing delivery company to help with optimising their routing and scheduling. From the process that followed, we realised that their sales and operations teams needed to quickly understand the impact of winning new clients they were pitching for on their logistics operation. We developed a bespoke solution that not only optimised their route planning, but also allowed them to enter anonymised data from prospective clients into the system and plan new vehicles, staff and, potentially, new hubs and depots.

Our software development team work in a range of programming languages including Python, Java, .NET and Scala. However, we also use a range of other tools such as Apache Spark, for rapid data-processing, and TensorFlow for machine learning.

We’re also the team who produced the algorithms that drive one of the UK’s leading out-of-the-box optimisation software packages.

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Trusted by leading businesses

  • Europcar
  • Coop
  • Routemonkey
  • BCA
  • VPS


Unlock huge savings by getting the most from your logistics resources via effective scheduling and management.

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Network Design

As your business has grown has your logistics network evolved with it? Our health check can unlock significant improvements and efficiency gains.

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Can you trust your business forecasting? We can improve your business models by providing more accurate forecasting enabling you to plan with confidence.

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Introducing an effective routing solution can increase efficiency levels by up to 10%. Our data analysis can lead to rapid deployment.

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Our highly configurable tool box of techniques helps simplify and improve often complex and difficult planning processes.

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Discover how our applied algorithms can make your business grow

Results we have achieved

annual cost savings following a major acquisition
saving based on 100 HGV fleet
annual cost savings by redesigning an existing logistics network

Solutions that have really taken off


We've built the algorithm brain behind some of the world's leading software

Over £1 million saved

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"CARGOMANAGER is used to plan loads and check stows of mixed products. It does in 10 minutes what could take a human nearly a day and feeds our work mix and pricing systems". Idem Papers.

Delivered best long-term solution

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"PALLETMANAGER enabled us to save £25,000 in distribution costs on just one of our hundreds of product lines" Mookie Toys

Substantial savings and improved service

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We’ll find the answers in your data

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