The age of the electric vehicle is upon us and it has begun to revolutionise the way we think about transport and logistics. Companies embracing this revolution have quickly realised that the benefits of ‘going green’ extend well beyond improved environmental credentials and can include significant reductions in fleet operational costs when EVs are correctly deployed.

However, identifying where to use EVs within a fleet remains a challenge. How do you replace fossil fuel powered vehicles without impacting your supply chain efficiency? How do you charge the vehicles without affecting your scheduling requirements? And how do the differences in range and performance affect your capabilities?

At Miralis, we understand that grasping the opportunities offered by EVs requires more than just swapping the internal combustion engine with electric ones. Success lies in understanding the big picture around your fleet routing and scheduling requirements and identifying where your business needs can be satisfied at a lower cost through the use of electric vehicles.

We provide an Electric Vehicle Switch Over service, which allows you and your team to assess when and how you should bring EVs into your fleet. By optimising your routing and scheduling with EVs in mind from the outset, we will give you confidence that your business needs will be met before you’ve committed your time and money to making the switch. Easy to understand outputs will show you how you could make use of EVs, what vehicles to use, what charging infrastructure you would require, and what the potential economic and environmental benefits would be.

In addition to this service, Miralis have received funding from the Department For Transport to investigate the feasibility of turning this into a self-service tool accessible to organisation of all sizes.

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Transport is the single largest cause of carbon emissions in Europe and the fastest rising source. If we are to achieve the net-zero target the transport industry has to act rapidly.

In all change there is opportunity. At Miralis we help leverage your data to optimise logistics, reduce transport costs and emissions, and create efficiencies.

We’ve saved our clients up to 30% of their logistics costs and we guarantee every customer a return on investment. To prove it we offer free benchmarking, so contact us and find out what you could achieve.

Logistics Optimisation


Routing & Scheduling

Automating routing and scheduling can save up to 30% of your costs. Our benchmarking tools can show you how.

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Packing optimisation

You could be spending millions paying to transport the air in your boxes and the gaps in your packing. Our optimisation tools have driven savings of up to 20%.

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Network Planning

Logistics networks evolve organically. We help you to plan growth and yield savings in time to customer, cost to serve and produce significant efficiencies.

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Discover how your data can generate up to 30% savings and reduced emissions

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annual cost savings following a major acquisition
saving based on 100 HGV fleet
annual cost savings by redesigning an existing logistics network

Solutions that have really taken off


Route Planning and Scheduling

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Pallet and Container Packing Optimisation

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Fleet and Network Planning

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