We were asked to independently analyse four potential supplier submissions over two rounds of a third-party logistics tender to see who provided the best solution and potential improvements.


We used bespoke vehicle routing software to independently test the assumptions and conclusions drawn in the tender documents. We produced long and short scorecards for each proposal, representing Miralis’ expert opinion on modelling suggestions and approaches as well as factual based answers to:

  • Time windows stress (expected arrival time at site)
  • Which sites would unfairly bare the impact of congestion or other delays
  • The potential impact at site operationally by combining deliveries
  • Comparison between vehicle fill, current and potential
  • Mileage comparison
  • Changes required in driver employment shift starting/ending times



2 out of 4 companies


the company with the best optimised solution

Long Term

cost saving for the company

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Solutions that have really taken off


Significant operational efficiencies at a large car company

Over £1 million saved

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Delivered a major logistics tender process

Delivered best long-term solution

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Rapid efficiency gains realised from an acquisition

Substantial savings and improved service

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